As the only professional and academic English periodical in the area of urban planning, China City Planning Review (referred to CCPR hereinafter) deals with the problems, trends and relative policies of urban development in Chinese cities with abundant information and valuable illustrations. It also offers the readers with different opinions and criticism from both home and abroad, giving a full understanding of what have happened or are happening in Chinese cities from different points of view.

Articles talking about the issues of urban planning and development in China from both the theoretical and practical viewpoints are welcomed. All articles submitted to CCPR should be held to the following terms and conditions.

1. Articles should be in English and of about 5,000 words in Word file. Illustrations should be referred in the text and submitted separately in JPG file with the resolution of no less than 300*300 pixels.

2. Submitted articles should include abstract, keywords, and references. References should be in accordance with standard essay writing formats, such as Harvard Reference System, etc. The basic personal and contact information of author(s) shall be sent together with the article.

3. Submitted articles will be evaluated for acceptance by the Editorial Department and the Editorial Board of CCPR. The Editorial Department reserves the right of revising and abridging the accepted articles, as well as the exclusive right of publishing them in the language of English (including the electronic publishing right). Once the article is officially accepted by the Editorial Department, the author should not resubmit it to the third party for publication.

4. With the written agreement of both the Editorial Department and the author himself, the article which has been published by CCPR could be republished in other forms or by other means. In that case, the author shall be held responsible for any and all legal claims resulting from the republishing of the article.

5. The Editorial Department will inform the author of the acceptance within three months after receiving the article, and the submitted articles will not be returned to the author. Once the article published, remuneration and one copy of CCPR will be sent to the author.

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