ISSUES2016 No.1
Editor’s Note: On the 30th Anniversary of China City Planning Review

The journal of China City Planning Review was founded by the Urban Planning Society of China in 1985 and saw its first issue published worldwide in the same year. Managed by Prof. Chen Zhanxiang, the Chief Editor then, and with thanks to the great support and assistance from both the Chinese (including Hong Kong) and international experts and scholars, it was smoothly distributed to the major countries and regions all over the world. Up to now, the journal of China City Planning Review is already 30 years old. In the past three decades, it has successfully publicized to the whole world the trends, achievements, information, and research outcomes on the urban and regional planning and development of China, which strengthens the communications and exchanges between China and the world to benefit both parties through mutual understand and learning. Hereby, I would like to express my sincere appreciations to my colleagues at the Editorial Department who have been diligently working all these years to make this journal such a high quality. I would like to wish a better future to China City Planning Review.

Prof. Zou Deci

Chief Editor, China City Planning Review

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