ISSUES2016 No.3
Editor’s Note: Nowadays in China, Low-Carbon City and Eco-City are hot terms that appear frequently in both the mass media and academia when talking about urban development and construction. After these concepts were introduced to China one after another in the late 1990s, they successfully called the broad attention of both the governments and the public. Matching well with the Scientific View on Development, they gradually became an important part of the China’s national strategies, as well as one of the goals of many Chinese cities’ urban development and construction. With thanks to the preferable policies issued by various governmental departments, such as the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, a number of experimental projects of low-carbon and/or eco-city (town) of different scales and different levels were carried out in China, aiming at creating a paradigm of low-carbon and/or eco-city which can be duplicated throughout the country. And many of these experimental projects were done through international collaborations between China and Europe, Germany, USA, Singapore, and some other developed countries. Although the concepts of Low-Carbon City and Eco-City have common concerns on environment and resources, they have slightly different emphasis when dealing with the issues of socio-economic development. The former highlights more the reduction of carbon emission during the process of economic production and in the activities of social life, while the later highlights more energy-saving and resource-recycling to minimize the impacts of human’s activities on the ecological environment. The policies of different governmental departments and the expertise learnt from different countries further strengthen these differentiations. Up to now, there is neither a consensus on the norms to qualify low-carbon and/or eco-cities, nor a consensus on the regulations to guide the construction of low-carbon and/or eco-cities. Thus, in order to promote the further development of low-carbon and/or eco-cities in China, there is an urgent need to summarize the successful experience of the experimental projects in numerous Chinese cities which can serve as efficient guidance to the practice of low-carbon and/or eco-city construction, as well as to integrate the policies of different governmental departments regarding low-carbon and/or eco-city construction for a more efficient governance.

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