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  • After the suspension for seven years, China City Planning Review (CCPR) has at last resumed its publication to world-wide readers.

    This journal was firstly publicized in 1985 when China began to implement the reform and opening up policies. With the transition of its economic system, the country has entered a new period of high-speed development. Incredible progresses and changes can be seen in all aspects including economy, society, culture, science, technology, education, etc., which attracted worldwide attention. The process of urbanization reaches an unprecedented degree. China, an ancient country with great history and civilization, has entered a new stage of the most advanced and modernized development. City, as the epitome of a country which can reflect all its aspects, a kind of settlements which is mostly populated, is also the place where different kinds of problems and conflicts interact with each other. So it is quite valuable for study and research.

    As one and only professional and academical English periodical in the area of urban planning and design, CCPR is published by the Urban Planning Society of China, in cooperation with Center for Human Settlements of Tsinghua University, School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning & Design Institute. It combines abundant academical information with valuable pictures, specially rendered drawings, master plans, and photography. Articles cover current situations of Chinese cities in general, including problems, trends and relative policies of their development. CCPR will also offer the readers with different opinions and criticism form home and abroad, giving a full understanding of what happened in China from different points of view.

    Since the resumption in the middle of 2006, CCPR has got a great deal of feedback. We hope to get more suggestion and ideas from readers all around the world to make us better. Hope CCPR becomes your best mentor and a helpful friend to understand Chinese cities better.

    Currently, there are five regular columns in each issue – News in Brief, Ideas & Debates, Theme Documents, Critical Insight, City Profile/Planner Profile, and one irregular column – Special Report.

    • Consultant Editorial Board
      Anthony G. O. Yeh
      Hok-Lin Leung
      Li Dehua
      Wu Liangyong
      Zou Deci

      Executive Editorial Board
      Daniel Benjamin Abramson
      Gong Qingyu
      Hou Li
      Hyun Bang Shin
      Jean-François Doulet
      Li Bingqin
      Liang Jiang
      Liu Jian
      Liu Jiayan
      Luo Zhendong
      Lü Bin
      Mao Qizhi
      Pan Fang
      Shi Nan
      Seiyong Kim
      Sun Shiwen
      Tang Yan
      Tian Li
      Wu Fulong
      Wu Zhiqiang
      Yan Xiaopei
      Yin Zhi
      Zhang Ming
      Zhang Tingwei
      Zhang Yue
      Zhou Guoyan
      Zhou Jiangping

      Chief Editor
      Zou Deci

      Associate Chief Editor
      Shi Nan
      Mao Qizhi

      Managing Chief Editor & Director of Editorial Department
      Liu Jian

      Editor in Charge
      Tang Yan
      Liu Jiayan

    • Editor
      Liang Sisi
      Li Caige
      Qian Fang
      Li Min
      Liu Jinxin

      First English Reader
      Martijn De Geus

      Graphic Designer
      Xie Fei
      Yang Zhichao

      Operation Director
      Pan Fang

      Published by
      Urban Planning Society of China
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      Beijing 100037
      P. R. China

      Sponsored by
      Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning &
      Design Institute

      In Collaboration with
      Center for Human Settlements Tsinghua University
      School of Architecture Tsinghua University

      Distributed by
      China National Publications
      Import & Export Corporation,
      P. O. Box 88, Beijing,
      P. R. China

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