A Preliminary Study on Urban Governance System: Based on the Urban Management Model of S District, Beijing
Li Xiaozhuang
Abstract While cities witness the dramatic changes in external morphology amid rapid urban transition, their internal governance structure should be adjusted accordingly. Based on investigations, this study summarizes the urban management model of the S District of Beijing characterized by “integration” and a “downward shift.” It finds that, in practice, there are often such problems as having a defective organization, single participant, imperfect institution and mechanism, weak comprehensive law enforcing, and backward urban management informatization. To solve these problems, it is urgent to transform the old urban administration framework to a new urban governance system. Based on the theory of governance, this paper develops a theoretical framework of an urban governance system that consists of the four layers of goal, idea, driving force, and task, in order to guide the modernization of urban governance.
Keywords urban management; urban governance; urban governance system

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