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Strategies for Improving Public Transportation Accessibility in Beijing’s Urban Regeneration from an Inclusive Perspective: Inspirations from Paris’s Experience
Hou Yuting
Abstract As China’s urbanization has transformed from extensive development to “refined operation,” urban regeneration is more significant. This paper analyzes changes in research perspectives of urban regeneration in recent years at home and abroad and the innovative concept of inclusive development proposed in the context of globalization, finding that the connotation of urban regeneration in European countries has been gradually enriched in order to promote social integration. Based on this, the paper examines how Paris, the first European city, combined inclusive development and urban regeneration and addressed social integration and equity in urban regeneration by taking accessibility as a key point in solving the most fundamental transportation problems. Based on lessons learned from Paris in developing a barrier-free transportation system, it proposes specific optimization strategies at the micro level in accordance with the status quo of public transportation accessibility in Beijing’s urban regeneration.
Keywords urban regeneration; inclusive development; social integration; accessibility; Paris’s experience; Beijing; transportation improvement strategies

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