Exploring Dynamic Maintenance of Detailed Control Planning in Central City of Beijing
Abstract Because the understanding of urban development principles is a continuously deepening process, the Detailed Control Planning (DCP) also needs to be improved in the implementation process. For many years, the city of Beijing has made great efforts in this regard and established a dynamic maintenance mechanism for the DCP of the Central City in 2007. This enabled constant improvement and revision of the regulatory plans based on urban economic and social development as well as actual demands. This paper analyzes the formulation and execution of the DCP for the Central City of Beijing since 1999, discussing its evolution and development, as well as its practical application and a general exploration of the planning work. It focuses upon the philosophy and mechanisms of dynamic maintenance. By drawing on previous experiences and lessons, it provides ideas and examples for the future management, formulation and implementation of the DCP.

Keywords dynamic maintenances; detailed control planning; exploration

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