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Five-line Control (五线控制 wu xiàn kòng zhì): Five-line Control is a special plan-making and administration method of Detailed Control Planning. By delimitating the boundaries of five kinds of special areas in a city or a town and providing specific control requirements for them, the Five-line Control in Detailed Control Planning struggles to guarantee the health and sustainable development of a city. The five lines are Red Line referring to the boundaries of lands for roads and transportation facilities, green line referring to the borders of green lands, purple line referring to the boundaries of historic districts and cultural relics, blue line referring to the boundaries of protected rivers, lakes and other water bodies, and yellow line referring to the borderlines of lands for railways, water supply pipes, telecommunication cables, and other municipal facilities. To extend this planning approach, some cities and regions have developed their own “Six-line” or “Seven-line” control methods.

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