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Case Studies on Newly-emerging Long- and Medium-term Strategic Planning and Its Reference to Beijing
Abstract Responding to the significant impacts brought by social, political, economic and environmental changes, some countries, regions and cities in the world have introduced new forms of long- and medium-term strategic planning since 2000, so as to promote the sustainable development of the cities or regions through a higher-level thoughts and a wider-perspective exploration. Taking America 2050, Future Ruhr 2030, New York 2030 and some other long- and medium-term strategic plans as examples, the paper analyzes the evolution of long- and medium-term strategic planning from the aspects of plan-making methods, analyzing techniques, research contents development trends etc. at the state, regional, and city levels. Based on international experience, this paper puts forward the necessity for Beijing to launch a new long-term strategic planning study “Beijing 2049.” The innovation, challenges and development direction of “Beijing 2049” is also expounded in the paper.

Keywords long- and medium-term; strategic planning; Beijing 2049

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