Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in China and Its Impacts on Urban Renovation
Jian LIU
Abstract Emerging along with the economic restructuring and the increase of cultural demands after the reforms and opening-up in the late 1970s, the cultural and creative industries have gone through rapid development in China driven by the reform on cultural system. Since the 21st century, the development of cultural and creative industries has further become one of China’s national policies of industrial development, occupying a significant position in the national economy. Starting by clarifying various definitions on the conception of cultural and creative industry, this paper outlines the process of cultural and creative industry development in China since the reforms and opening-up, summarizes its development trends in the past decade and its contributions to the socio-economic development, and analyzes its potential influences on the urban renovation of certain kinds of areas, in particular the historic neighborhoods in regeneration, the industrial areas in redevelopment, and the peripheral urban villages in transformation.

Keywords cultural and creative industry; urban renovation; China

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