Hong Kong: Creative City Between East and West
Alan Ka-lun Lung, Klaus R. Kunzmann
Abstract The slogan “One Country, Two Systems” guides the political, economic and cultural development of Hong Kong - one of the world’s most important financial centers. However, the city is more than just a financial center and a tradehub. The city also has a strong civil society, and the members of the civil society have much interest in culture and cultural identity. The city aims to strengthen its position as a prominent center of higher education in Asia. Therefore, cultural facilities, infrastructure, festivals (such as the Hong Kong Film Festival) and culture-related fairs, as well as cultural and creative industries, are high on the political agenda, dedicated to promoting Hong Kong to be a cultural center in Asia. In recent years, a number of studies have been commissioned to explore the potential of cultural and creative industries under the urban economy. The findings suggest that cultural and creative industries are one of the economic development fields that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government should support and promote in the future. A design center and agency, called Cyberport, has been established to create institutions that can support the evolution of cultural and creative industries. In addition, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Government of China decided in 2008 to develop a prime location in the middle of the city into a cultural district. The West Kowloon Cultural District will position the city on the cultural map of Asia.

Keywords One Country, Two Systems; culture and civil society; cultural and creative industries; Cyberport; Kowloon Cultural District; Hong Kong

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