Taipei: A Creative City Based on Innovation and Traditional Culture
Kuang-chieh CHEN, Chien-yuan LIN
Abstract Taipei is a city full of oriental traditional culture. Different from other Chinese cities, Taipei has a very specific urban fabric and development context that provides excellent conditions for the development of cultural and creative industries (CCIs). Since 2011, Taipei City Government has set up 11 creative quarters that have demonstrated the unique features and lifestyles of Creative Taipei. In this paper, the authors introduce Creative Taipei in 4 parts: examining the CCIs conditions of Taipei, identifying strengths of Taipei’s CCIs, understanding governance strategies and policies, and analyzing creative city governance through case studies. Looking into the future of Creative Taipei, this paper concludes that the clear leading policies, the attractive investment environment for private investors, and the cross-boundary integration are three dimensions to further strengthen the power of CCIs in Taipei.

Keywords cultural and creative industries; Taipei City; Creative Taipei

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