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Planning Order with Nature: The Transnational Experiments of Park System in Chinese Cities During Early 20th Century
Zhang Tianjie, Li Shiqiao
Abstract Park system planning has been regarded as a systematic, efficient and rational approach that uses nature to organize and guide the social and spatial development of cities. As an important tool for city planning development, it became an international phenomenon fostering international communications, in the meantime promoted individual expressions of nature, and became one of the crucial planning strategies to reshape China’s modern cityscape. This paper investigates the diffusion and development of park system planning in Chinese cities during early 20th century. It elucidates the theoretical origins and practical experiments, identifies the selective and diversified transfer of Western models, and further reveals the insights of transnational urbanism and national identity. The research intends to provide some reference for the planning of park and green space system in contemporary Chinese cities under the background of globalization.

Keywords park system; city planning history of modern China; transnational transfer; selective borrowing

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