Analysis Framework for the Low Carbon Eco-City Regulatory Plan Administration System: The Case Study on the Planning of Eco-City of Taihu New City, Wuxi, China
Stanley C T Yip
Abstract Chinese cities need the appropriate administration system and governance model to support the implementation of low carbon eco-city projects, and to effectively scale up this urban development model across the nation. Currently, local planning authorities are piloting the implementation of these low carbon eco-city projects through the statutory Regulatory Plans system (the local district zoning plans system). However, the focus has been put primarily on the use of the relevant technologies and the control through design approval. There is a lack on research and study on the establishment of an effective planning administration and governance environment for the subsequent promulgation of this development model. This situation is affecting the speed in the scaling up of the implementation of low carbon ecological projects in Chinese cities. This paper argues that while technology applications and design issues are important factors, attention shall be put to setting up innovative planning administration and governance models for the statutory Regulatory Plan to facilitate the implementation of the low carbon eco-city projects. This paper puts forth an analysis framework on the administration and governance system which includes 4 governance components: ① Administration platform and local capacity; ② Planning conditions and approval process; ③ External public policy context; ④ Developers involvement and participation. A case study was undertaken based on Taihu New City eco-city project located at Wuxi, China. Based on research and analysis of the project implementation process, the study examines the challenges faced by the local planning officials and development companies during the implementation stage of the low carbon eco-city project. Finally this paper puts forth initial recommendations that could lead to further research in this important area.

Keywords low carbon ecological city district; eco-cities; regulatory plans; low carbon city governance

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