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A Book Review of Planning for Growth: Urban and Regional Planning in China
Chen Hongsheng, Li Zhigang
The book, Planning for Growth: Urban and Regional Planning in China, written by Prof. Wu Fulong, is part of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s (RTPI) Library Series. It has drawn wide attention since its publication in 2015. The American urban sociologist John R. Logan holds that this monograph eloquently interrogates the transition process of China’s urban planning from a planned to a market economy (Wu, 2015). Cecilia Wong, Professor of Planning at the University of Manchester, maintains that this book is the key for understanding the urban planning system, policy, and practice in China (Wu, 2015). On the occasion of China’s “rejuvenation,” the in-depth depiction of China’s urban and regional planning, especially the systematic study on China’s planning which is considerably profound and wide, is also a major need of the international planning circle in recent years. Therefore the publication of this book is just at the right time.

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