Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Taobao Villages in Guangzhou
Hu Yao, Liu Li
Abstract Through a case study on 24 Taobao villages in Guangzhou, this paper analyzes the relationship between the spatial distribution characteristics and influencing factors of Taobao villages using the online data mining methodology, and compares e-commerce-based industry clusters with traditional industry clusters. The result shows that Taobao villages in Guangzhou are mainly distributed in peripheral areas of the central city, with low population and employment density; villages running the same kind of business present the trend of concentration. And the formation of Taobao villages is highly relevant to the distribution of factories, wholesale markets, express services, and low-rent housing, as well as the learning and demonstration effect among subjects. It further proves that, under the influence of e-commerce, the importance of economies of scale and economies of scope brought by geographic proximity has been weakened, while the importance of interaction and communication effect among subjects have been obviously strengthened.
Keywords Taobao village; e-commerce; online data mining; Guangzhou

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