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Multi-Plan Integration: A Pilot Study of Mianzhu, Sichuan Province
Fu Fei, Li Yanjin, Zhang Yingzi, Yang Yi
Abstract The current planning system in China lacks coordination, which is a crucial issue to be explored to fully implement the multi-plan integration. Mianzhu is an example that is officially named as one of the pilot cities for multi-plan integration on the county level. The paper firstly analyzes the problems associated with multi-plan integration in Mianzhu, including the indeterminate hierarchy of the planning system, the disunity of technical standards, problems regarding spatial order, coordination and division of powers and functions, and the intensive utilization of spatial resources, the lack of a coordination mechanism, and low participation of experts and the public. Secondly, by learning from Germany’s spatial planning, and also practical experiences of pilot cities for multi-plan integration in China, this paper creatively brings in the connotation of multi-plan integration on the county level, and further proposes a power division based on three-level planning system and three kinds of space, the reinforcement of a spatial order, intensive spatial utilization, and a planning coordination mechanism, hoping to provide reference to other cities.
Keywords pilot city for multi-plan integration; county-level planning system; spatial planning and order; power control and coordination; Mianzhu

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