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“Street Portraits” of Old City Streets in the New Data Environment: A Case Study on the Old City of Beijing
Yang Dong, Xie Xiangya, Tang Yan, Zhang Yidan
Abstract As China’s economic development turns into the “New Normal,” the focus of urban development and construction have transformed from “physical expansion” to “built-up area improvement.” Street, as the most fundamental component of public space, is of great significance to be interpreted and studied. This study attempts to quantify all the composing elements in urban streets to create “Street Portraits” which can clearly describe the characteristics of the street. Taking Beijing as an example, this study aims to make a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the streets in the Old City of Beijing. Methodologically, the properties of a street are identified and categorized into three aspects: street function, street vitality, and street quality, which further helps establish an evaluation indicator system for the “Street Portraits.” In result, various “Street Portraits” of the Old City of Beijing are presented by data visualization, by using the Nightingale Rose diagram tool to integrate all the indicators of individual streets and thus describing the distinctive “Street Portraits.” In the end, the paper discusses how the finding can influence the street space improvement and design in the future.

Keywords Street Portraits; new data; old city; large scale; Beijing

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