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Research on the Development of China’s International Cooperation Parks Along the Belt and Road: Status Quo, Effect, and Trend
Zhao Shengbo, Wang Xingping, Hu Xuefeng
Abstract This paper predicts the future development trend of China’s International Cooperation Parks (ICPs) along the Belt and Road by systematically summarizing the current situation and the effect they exert. Relevant research shows that these ICPs have not only promoted China’s industrial capacity cooperation and international industrial transfer, but also contributed to resource sharing between China and the countries along the Belt and Road. In addition, the ICPs play a positive role in further advancing social development of host countries and bilateral cooperation. Research also indicates that the development of ICPs, influenced by both a Chinese domestic “pushing force” and a foreign “pulling force,” is a result jointly produced by political, economic, diplomatic, and cultural factors. As ICPs are built in increasingly more countries along the Belt and Road and their leading industries tend to be more diverse, the environment and infrastructure in host countries would be improved and the importance of Chinese private enterprises would be further enhanced. In addition, ICPs will also further promote the development of local industrial parks. What should also be noted is that problems like an unbalanced layout, irrational planning, and lack of planning standards still exist in the ICPs, thus solutions and strategies for resolving these problems are proposed in the paper.

Keywords overseas investment; the Belt and Road; International Cooperation Park

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